2012 Maisha Entrepreneur of the Year – Adrianne George Lind

Adrianne George Lind

She is the co- founder of the Women of the African Diaspora website?and co-editor of BlackExpat.com

She is also the founder of JobsInStockholm.com?(and JobsinGothenburg.com), and has created a platform to celebrate women of the African diaspora living in Europe with her multiple award winning Black Women In Europe blog.

She is enriching both ethnic and expatriate communities and impacting and influencing the lives of others through Social media.

She is building bridges and building brands, handling her business and proving that content is QUEEN, ladies and gentlemen the 2012 Maisha entrepreneur of the year is Adrianne George Lind.

Editor’s note: Adrianne is also the founder of AG Communications Group.

About Maisha Galahttp://www.maishagalan.se/

The goal of the Maisha Gala is to recognize the achievement of women for the Black/African community in Sweden and Africa. It works to promote the African Diaspora involvement and include the voice of women on various issues of concern to the community. The Maisha Gala is a celebration of African culture that also promotes artists and young talents and the empowerment of youth. Maisha Gala is also networking and advocacy with the thematic approach and focus on pertinent issues.


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