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It takes one to know one. And we know the expat market.

Nicholas Brooke

Nicholas Brooke

Incubate Collective Impact with The Synergist.org

I consider I am very lucky to be founding JobsinHubs.com together with Adrianne who is activating JobsinStockholm.com. 

She has a true communication talent to get out there, engage the community and generate buzz. Networking is her hobby and she manages to create a lot of impact using social or Web2.0 type of communication channel. She clearly makes your communication happen in such a way that everybody is talking about you. Most of the time you just gonna end up asking yourself how she did such a performance…

“Walk the talk” is Adrianne’s signature and her positive, hyper dynamic and enthusiast attitude just makes her a very enjoyable and performing team mate.

In 2006, We launched JobsinStockholm for English speaking professionals in Sweden and followed up with the Stockholm Expat blog.

expatriate market

In addition to our way with words through storytelling to engage, the AGCG Advertising Network is your path to placing your products and services in front of Internet savvy expatriates.

HSBC Bank produces an excellent yearly survey. Read the 2016 report.


expatriate market


expatriate market


expatriate market

Read the full report.


Get more insight into the expatriate (international citizens) market.

Contact us for help reaching black women and expatriates.

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