Typically, ippi? provides traveling professionals and their families with an easy way of using mobile messaging services in order to stay in touch, and enjoy the enhanced user experience together on the TV. Whenever a member of the family is away from home, ippi? is a fun and efficient means of communication. It is ideal for parents who, though pressed for time, care greatly about their children, youths and their aging parents.



rebtel.jpg?? CALL 1.3 Billion people for free from your mobile?

Where’s the catch?

The catch is that to make it free, we need both you and your friend to make local calls. We?ll then connect those two calls for you.

Put it this way; if you?re prepared to change the way you make international calls, we?re prepared to make them free.

And by the way, each time you call a new friend with Rebtel we give you one minute of international calling to explain to them how to make the call free.

To make a free call?

  • Call your friend on their Rebtel number (which we send you by SMS when you sign up.)
  • When they answer, ask them to look at the number displayed on their phone screen. Tell them to hang up, and call you straight back on that number.
  • Now for the weird bit. Don?t hang up when they do, but stay on the line.
  • A couple of seconds later, they?ll join you back on the call.

That?s all there is to it. Your international call is now free. Your operator may charge you for a local call, but if you have inclusive minutes with your mobile account, they won?t.?

To make a cheap call

If you are calling outside the Rebtel community, or if you don?t want to make a call back, then you can just call for cheap. Our rates start at 2 cents per minute.



Zong.com - mobile services - premium sms

Zong is the only web service that enables you to create and launch mobile services in 10 countries in under 10 minutes and generate revenues from each transaction. Through Zong’s intuitive interface, you will create your service in a few clicks, you will then be able to market it to your user base and make money today! Zong is a service of Europe’s Mobile Media solutions leader, Echovox, which has direct connections and relationships with over 50 mobile operators.


The world is waiting.

Obama 08?

Dear Adrianne,

Our foreign policy shapes America’s image abroad, but America’s role in the world is deeply personal for many of us here at home.

We remember how it felt when the American president had the moral authority to speak for free people everywhere.

Maybe you’ve traveled abroad and seen firsthand how in a few years George Bush has squandered the goodwill America earned over half a century. Maybe the decisions George Bush has made has sent your friend or family member into a war that should have never happened in the first place.

Barack wants to know why a new direction for our foreign policy and restoring America’s moral leadership in the world is personal for you. Share your story here:


Today Barack gave a major address about why our role in the world is personal for him.

He’s been to the border of the Darfur region and seen first-hand what happens when America will not step up and lead. He’s seen first-hand that weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union have not been secured under this president. He’s met with Israelis and Palestinians who told him that true peace won’t be achieved without an American president committed to making it happen.

And he’s got concrete plans to right our course and rebuild America’s global leadership. Today he laid out five initiatives that an Obama Administration will pursue:

  • Bring a responsible end to this war in Iraq and refocus on the critical challenges in the broader region
  • Modernize our overstretched armed forces, building the first truly 21st century military and show wisdom in how we deploy it
  • Marshal a global effort to secure, destroy, and stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction
  • Rebuild and construct the alliances and partnerships necessary to meet common challenges and confront common threats
  • Invest in our common humanity to ensure that those who live in fear and want today can live with dignity and opportunity tomorrow

Barack Obama will be an American president who leads the world once again.

But this campaign isn’t only about Barack Obama. A comprehensive agenda for America’s foreign policy requires the input and participation of the millions of Americans who have a stake in the outcome.

We’ve provided a place where you can submit your ideas to add to the ones Barack laid out today. Your input will be a component of our policy development process and part of the ongoing expansion of our campaign’s agenda. Share your ideas and priorities for America’s foreign policy here:


As Barack pointed out today, the position of “leader of the free world” has been vacant for some time.

For too long we’ve seen the consequences of a foreign policy based on a flawed ideology, and a belief that tough talk can replace real strength and vision.

How many millions of Americans and our allies abroad winced when Senator John McCain gleefully sang a tune about starting another war by bombing Iran?

As the Republican presidential candidates repeat the same tired White House talking points, one thing is becoming clear: Democrats have the obligation to turn the page and lead America into a new chapter in history.

With your help, Barack Obama can do that.

Thank you,

David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — One of the opportunities America has to lead the world in facing down a common threat is by taking serious steps to solve the climate crisis. Yesterday, on Earth Day, over 10,000 people showed up in Iowa City to hear Barack talk about his plans to combat global warming. You can watch a short clip here:http://my.barackobama.com/iowacity


Joost TV

See the Quicktime promo: What’s Joost

Countdown to Joost - Be first to know when Joost goes live

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.


I’M involved

i?m is a new initiative from Windows Live? Messenger. Every time you start a conversation using i?m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program’s advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We’ve set no cap on the amount we’ll donate to each organization. The sky’s the limit.

So any time you have an i?m? conversation using Windows Live Messenger, you help address the issues you feel most passionate about, including poverty, child protection, disease, and environmental degradation. It’s simple. All you have to do is join and start an instant messaging conversation. We’ll handle the donation.

There’s no charge, so join now and put our money where your mouth is.

We’re facing more than one challenge, so we’re working with more than one cause. Choose the organization working on the issue you think is most urgent and they’ll get a donation every time you start an i?m conversation. Learn more.


Blog Talk Radio

What is BlogTalkRadio? ?

BlogTalkRadio is a platform that extends the blog, allowing any individual to host a live blogshow online. Our service is free to all users, whether you host a blogshow or listen in. Plus hosts earn half of all revenue generated by their blogshow and Host Channel page.???


Why do you say you extend the blog? ?

The blog has changed the face of media and communication. But unfortunately, it has its limits. Primarily, the blog does not allow for real-time interaction between the blogger and his or her readers. At BlogTalkRadio, we extend the blog to allow such live interaction, as well as allow users to generate and consume content in audio format as well as in written format.??


You have “radio” in your name. But isn’t your site different from regular radio? ?

We allow every individual the freedom to become a blogshow host, similar to a radio talk show host. That is why “radio” appears in our name. However, because we are on the Internet, your potential reach as a blogshow host far exceeds the reach of a radio talk show host because your audience is global rather than regional. Additionally, as a listener, you have access to far more content than you would on your local or even satellite radio station.??


Who would qualify as a host?

Any individual, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection, any kind of phone, and something to say! We welcome hosts who have passions and interests they want to share, opinions and information they wish to disseminate. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000 people, we have a place for you here at BlogTalkRadio, and we’ll even help teach you how to expand that audience.

Launch your radio talk show now.