(Some of the Amazing) Women Who Changed American Politics

As Americans around the world prepare to go to the polls in person or via absentee ballot to elect the President of the United States in November, it is impossible to ignore the role women have played in American politics. Some names you must surely know, while others may be unfamiliar.

Who are these women and why do they matter? They all share something in common. They were the first. The first in the nation. The first in their state. First. And we know firsts matter because without those there can be no seconds, or thirds or changing of norms.

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Halmstad Christmas Market: Fun on the Farm

Slow Travel Stockholm

Christmas markets in Europe are renowned worldwide. During two weekends in November and December, visitors to Wapn? G?rd just outside of Halmstad in the Halland region can see why Sweden is no exception.

Your castle awaits

All photography by Jonas Lind

Much more than a farm, Wapn? G?rd is a castle, a hotel, and a conference center. But during those special two weekends in autumn, it becomes a place full of the magic and wonder of Christmas.

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Philip?s Stockholm Tours ? An eye for adventure with a taste for the unexpected

Slow Travel Stockholm

Like in most capital cities, finding a private tour guide in Stockholm is not hard to do. There are always tour buses and free maps at hotels. Travel books and blogs abound aplenty. 

A visitor to the self-proclaimed Capital of Scandinavia may be tempted to venture out on their own. 

But a private tour guide offers value. 

Private tour guides can share secrets and tailor the tour based on your needs and desires. They can provide the inside scoop in a way that a self-guided tour cannot.

One such tour guide in Stockholm is Philip Cary. His company, Philip?s Stockholm Tours is worth trying if you?re interested in small group tours. 

Your tour comes with a guaranteed dose of humour, which can be a lifesaver if you?re touring Stockholm in the winter months. And let?s face it, who doesn?t like to laugh in any weather?

Philip frames his tours through his joy of sharing the art, culture, and history of the city. Read the full story on Slow Travel Stockholm.