How to Improve Search Engine Placement By Using Targeted Blog Postings

By Jorge Chavez

To improve search engine placement is a huge, almost universal goal of webmasters everywhere. The main ways to achieve this goal are getting many good backlinks, posting large amounts of good content and optimizing website parameters to get maximum credit for these changes.

Probably the single most effective measure one could take to improve search engine placement would be to get more backlinks. There are two important aspects of backlinks: 1. The pure, gross number of them linking back to your website and 2. The quality of these backlinks.

Quality of backlinks is measured both in the importance of the website linking back to yours (usually expressed in its page rank or PR) and the relevancy of the site in relation to your keywords. If your website concerns “dog collars” links from other dog related sites carry more weight than links from, say scuba diving sites.

One excellent way to get large amounts of targeted backlinks from high-ranking related sites is to make posts on blog threads in which your keywords appear. If you can find and post on blog sites where there are discussions using your keywords you can play directly to the best relevancy side of the ranking equation.

You will need to select sites that have high page rank and that use “dofollow” attributes for comments posted. (A comment posted where “nofollow” rules are used, does nothing for you.) Until recently, it was difficult to find all of these positive factors together at once. It required hours of blog surfing and reading to find them.

That has now changed with the advent of blog finding software that finds the threads and reports them back to you with their pageranks and dofollow/nofollow attributes. Add the ability to add your comment or posting directly from the program’s surfing window, spell check what you post, and you have just what you need.

Technology has changed the entire cost-benefit equation. You can now quickly find and post to good, relevant blogs with high PR and dofollow link attributes. This permits your links to be rapidly spidered and credited to your website.Excellent, high quality backlinks to improve your search engine placement are now easily attainable and free for the posting. It’s a tool that if you aren’t already using, you should be.

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The AfroSphere is making headlines, and ooVoo is keeping us connected.


When Francis Holland invited me to join the AfroSpear group of black bloggers I had no idea I was joining a movement.Right away I was plugged into a group of progressive bloggers whose mission was to highlight the issues that are near and dear to our community.


In the wake of the Jena 6 march the AfroSphere has come to the attention of the mainstream media.  The lastest coverage of the AfroSphere is in the New Republic.  So what does this mean?  One possible answer is that more people will read AfroSphere blogs to learn what the main stream media doesn’t deem newsworthy.  Another possible outcome will be that more black people will establish blogs. 


What I do know for sure is that the power of bloggers is growing daily and as the pen has always been mightier than the sword, the keyboard may in fact be the biggest slayer of them all.


When blogging goes terribly wrong

Jessica Cutler found fame from blogging.  Well at least she got a book deal and an offer to pose in Playboy.  All this came when her blog detailing juggling sexual relations with six men while working on Capital Hill was discovered by Wonkette.  Now she’s being sued.


Do you Squidoo?

Check out my lens  Check out my Squidoo!

Squidoo was started by the Original Squid, Seth Godin. Nearly ten years ago, Seth founded Yoyodyne, which originated the idea of permission marketing online. After Yoyodyne was acquired by Yahoo, he served as VP Direct Marketing for Yahoo for about a year. In 2000, Godin focused full-time on his career as an acclaimed public speaker, an author and a blogger. Seven of Seth’s books have been bestsellers somewhere around the world, and his blog has been picked as the best business blog by several leading publications. Seth’s head is the most recognizable author icon in business. Yes, his head.

Squidoo’s goal as a platform is to bring the power of recommendation to search. Squidoo’s goal as a co-op is to pay as much money as we can to our lensmasters and to charity. And Squidoo’s goal as a community is to have fun along the way, and meet new ideas and the people behind them.