2011 Power List: The award-winning Black Women in Europe™ blog releases the second “a list of our own” most powerful black women in Europe

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, / — Black Women in Europe™ blog released its 2nd Black Women in Europe™: Power List – A List of Our Own©  that includes 35 women in nine categories, and the first posthumous award on the power list. The categories are Athletics, Entrepreneurship & Business, Law, Lifestyle, Literature, Media, Politics, Science and Social Activism.

This year’s Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2011 – A List of Our Own© honorees were chosen from nominations from the general public and editor Adrianne George, based on their achievements and sphere of influence.  “Last year’s list proved that there are countless numbers of amazing black women in Europe very few people ever hear of”, George explains. “I couldn’t wait to compile the 2011 list”.

Winners include award winning authors, a record making athlete, model philanthropists and outspoken activists.

View the complete list:
Black Women in Europe™: Power List  2011 – A List of Our Own©  – http://bit.ly/2011PowerList
View the list on video: http://bit.ly/2011PowerListVideo
View the list on Slideshare:  http://slidesha.re/2011PowerListSlideShare
View the list on Sribd: http://scr.bi/2011PowerListScribd
View the list on myBrainshark: http://bit.ly/2011PowerListBrainshark

Black Women in Europe™ Blog
Black Women in Europe™ Blog is an award-winning blog founded in 2006 by Adrianne George. It celebrates the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. To learn more about the Black Women in Europe™ Blog visit us at: http://blog.blackwomenineurope.com.


New brand – JobsInGothenburg.com

We have added another website to our family of brands: JobsInGothenburg.com.



JobsInGothenburg.com was launched in 2011 by the same American expat who launched JobsinStockholm.com* in 2006. This expat lived in England and Belgium before moving to Sweden and understands how important finding a decent job is to building a new life in a foreign country.

Speaking the language of one’s adopted country is also vital to having a good life, however the need to get to work sometimes takes precedent over attending language classes full time. In today’s world economy English is often the business language of companies with global clients and customers. JobsInGothenburg.com wants to bring you great jobs now, with the majority of them listed in English and with the requirement of speaking English.

JobsInGothenburg.com is also a source of information about Gothenburg and Sweden including what one needs to know to transition into Sweden as well as build a social and professional network.

*JobsinStockholm.com is part of JobsinHubs.com. JobsInGothenburg is NOT affiliated with JobsinHubs.com.




The award-winning Black Women in Europe™ blog releases “a list of our own” most powerful black women in Europe

Black Women in Europe™ blog announced its first-ever Black Women in Europe™: Power List that includes 58 women in Europe in six categories. The categories are business, lifestyle, media, politics, social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

This year’s Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2010 were chosen from nominations from the general public and editor Adrianne George and co-editor Mark Derek McCullough based on their achievements and sphere of influence. “When Michelle Obama was named the most powerful woman in the world this year I noticed that of the 6 other black women on the list none of them lived in Europe”, George explains. “I was inspired to create a list of our own”.

Women on the Black Women in Europe™: Power List include seasoned politicians, accomplished performers, and champion athletes as well as social entrepreneurs and rising stars in the business world. “This list will serve as a source of inspiration to black women everywhere”, George says. “In all arenas we are known to excel”. View the complete list: http://bit.ly/bwiepowerlist .

Black Women in Europe™ Blog
Black Women in Europe™ Blog is an award-winning blog founded in 2006 by Adrianne George. It aims to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. To learn more about the Black Women in Europe™ Blog visit us at: http://blog.blackwomenineurope.com.


Client update – Album2 | For busy people | Fast & fun photo organization and sharing

Album2 is back with a facial recognition software package that makes organizing and sharing your photos easier than ever. The desktop application makes it all fast and fun.

Bonus 1 – you only have to tag people once and then the software recognizes them the next time you upload photos!

Bonus 2 – tag and associate your family members and you automatically create a photo-family tree!

Album2 – For busy people.


3rd Anniversary for our brand: Women of the African Diaspora

WAD header image

Facebook Fan Page and Group Boasts Over 1,000 Members Around the World.

Rotterdam, NL/Stockholm, SWE – Women of the African Diaspora (WAD) website (http://www.WomenOfTheAfricanDiaspora.com) turns three on 1 November 2010 and is celebrating with gifts for its readers and members. The website, Facebook Fan page, and Facebook group, which celebrates black women, has visitors and members from across the globe.

I always wanted the Women of the African Diaspora website to more than a website, but to also be a community,” says Sandra Rafaela, Women of the African Diaspora’s co-founder and co-editor. “Moving our social network to Facebook has increased our reach and keeps us on track in terms of maintaining that goal”.

Women of the African Diaspora website was also created to share relevant news, event notices and showcase a wide range of talented black women including authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others. And with black women living on virtually every continent, it certainly has a large and influential market.

Women of the African Diaspora’s website content strives to shine a positive spotlight on black women that main stream media far too often ignores,” says Adrianne George, Women of the African Diaspora‘s co-founder and co-editor. “While it is true that main stream media generally reports on high profile black women, for example with Forbes naming Michelle Obama the most powerful woman in the word, WAD also highlights the ordinary and extraordinary lives of black women”, she adds. “We continue to be the perfect choice for advertisers who want to reach the important market of black women consumers.”

The year has been marked with highlights for the Women of the African Diaspora co-editors, with Ms. Rafaela being named H.M. Senior Commissioner EU/ Africa on Women Development and Empowerment within the African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) and Ms. George’s Black Women in Europe blog (http://blog.blackwomenineurope.com) adding to its list of honors by receiving a Sunshine Award. “I can’t believe it has been three years since we launched WAD,” explains George. “We really enjoy meeting accomplished and positive black women while providing them with a unique platform for exposure“.

Anniversary gifts are provided by authors Dr. Tiffany Brown, Shani Greene-Dowdell, and Good News Distributors. Businesses, with products or services for black women can participate in the anniversary celebrations by purchasing an advertising package for the website and social network at a 20% savings. Contact adrianne@agcommunicationsgroup.com for advertising information.

Contact: Sandra Rafaela sandra@womenoftheafricandiaspora.com
Adrianne George adrianne@womenoftheafricandiaspora.com


Good news from the advertising world for website owners

This is my first blog post of 2010. I spent the first month of the year in the capital of the United States and while I worked on a client project, I spent the rest of my time basking in the glow of being with my family and old friends. I didn’t want to spend any more time on the computer than absolutely necessary. So I limited myself to work and correspondence with the ones I love in Sweden, and arranging social activities in Washington, DC.

February took me to Lappland and the Ice Hotel and I was on the look out for the Northern Lights and all of the other magic associated with northern Sweden. Again, no motivation to blog during this once in a lifetime (for me) trip.

But today I read an article in Forbes online magazine that predicts an increase in digital advertising spending, and for the first time, that more money will be spent online than in print. Written by Dirk Smillie the headline reads:

Web ads to get a 10% boost in 2010. For the first time advertisers will spend more on digital than print.

We’ve been waiting for this: A study by Outsell, to be released Monday, reveals that U.S. advertisers are spending more this year on digital media than on print. Long predicted, this Madison Avenue milestone has finally arrived thanks to a 9.6% boom in digital advertising in 2010.

That number comes from Outsell’s annual advertising and marketing study, which collected data from 1,008 U.S. advertisers (both consumer and B2B) in December 2009. Of the $368 billion marketers plan to spend this year, 32.5% will go toward digital; 30.3% to print. Digital spending includes e-mail, video advertising, display ads and search marketing. “It’s a watershed moment,” says the study’s lead author, Outsell vice president Chuck Richard.

Read the full article on Forbes.com.

I, like every other website owner, welcome this news. Particularly since I am focusing on leveraging the wide reach of the AG Communications Group (AGCG) Advertising Network. The AGCG Advertising Network includes 8 websites that focus on black women, and expatriates. Specifically these websites focus on black women in Europe, women of the African Diaspora, black expatriates and expatriates in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden.

Niche is in, especially when spending money on advertising. Advertisers want to be sure that they are getting their message out in front of the right people.


Feedtwister is a great source for mashing multiple RSS Feeds

In a nutshell, this is what you can do:

Mix your favorite feeds and show their latest posts on your website.
Create as many lists of feeds as you want.
Add up to 50 feeds per list.
Assign an image to each feed.
Choose the output charset encoding.
Order posts by date or title.
Limit the posts shown and establish a posts per source maximum.
Fully customize how the posts are displayed with our template system.
Data is cached so it loads fast and updated so you get the latest info.

Here are my Feedtwisters:


Why use this tool? It’s a great srouce for syndicating your blogs on your website, in your social networks, and you get listed in a directory. You never know who is interested in your posts.


Brand and Branding – A Fundamental Difference

The common misconception in branding is that your brand and branding your company are the same thing. They are definitely related, but they are definitely not the same thing. When you can grasp the fundamental difference between the two, you can leverage your brand more effectively. Confusion between the two can lead to problems establishing your brand because you might overlook something very important.

First, in their most basic sense, a brand is a concept and branding is communicating a brand concept. Did you catch it? A brand in an idea and branding is implementing that idea. To use an analogy, the brand is the bullet and branding is the gun. Branding applies the brand to your target market just like firing a gun at an intended target.


Let us define what a brand is. Essentially it is a concept developed in the consumer’s head about your company as a result of their experience with your company. Now this concept can just occur naturally without any purpose or brand development from you, which could be a huge liability, or you can be proactive in creating and developing your brand concept that you want the consumer to have.

Now let us look at branding. It is the transmission of the brand concept to the consumer through the use of brand elements and brand signals. Branding will happen even if it is intentional or not. Proper branding will be successful in transmitting the brand concept to the consumer without losing the integrity of the brand concept.

Source: Branding