Grant Thornton Kvinnligt nätverk- Svea20

Are you a sustainable leader?

Grant Thornton’s Women’s Network is a good reason to get up an be somewhere at 7.30 in the morning.

Sophia Sundberg

The main question was What is a sustainable leadership?

Ready to learn and network.

One possible answer:

  • Autonomy

  • Mastery

  • Purpose

I enjoy these networking breakfasts because I force myself to sit with strangers, speak Swedish, learn something new and enjoy being in the company of women in business.


Kvinnligt nätverk: EQ – en framgångsfaktor i ledarskapet

I am a true believer in networking but also believe that it should have added value.

Kvinnligt nätverk: EQ - en framgångsfaktor i ledarskapet

Grant Thornton has figured that out too and created two professional networks for women.

Kvinnligt nätverk: EQ - en framgångsfaktor i ledarskapet

One network met this week and was treated to a presentation about EQ by Amazing Leaders.

Kvinnligt nätverk: EQ - en framgångsfaktor i ledarskapet

The premise of the evening’s lesson was emotional capital will distinguish one company from another and those leaders who have high EQ and develop that within their team will leave their competitors behind.

Kvinnligt nätverk: EQ - en framgångsfaktor i ledarskapet

After performing several exercises, participating in discussions, and learning from others we were invited to network over drinks and really nice food. It was dinner time after all. I left with a few business cards, a feeling of empowerment and the knowledge that, that was time well spent.


New brand –

We have added another website to our family of brands:

@jobsingoteborg was launched in 2011 by the same American expat who launched* in 2006. This expat lived in England and Belgium before moving to Sweden and understands how important finding a decent job is to building a new life in a foreign country.

Speaking the language of one’s adopted country is also vital to having a good life, however the need to get to work sometimes takes precedent over attending language classes full time. In today’s world economy English is often the business language of companies with global clients and customers. wants to bring you great jobs now, with the majority of them listed in English and with the requirement of speaking English. is also a source of information about Gothenburg and Sweden including what one needs to know to transition into Sweden as well as build a social and professional network.

* is part of JobsInGothenburg is NOT affiliated with




Photos from XING Stockholm November Offline Event

As the XING Stockholm group Ambassador it has been my pleasure to organize our offline networking events again this year. Here are the photos from our event yesterday.

And here is what we learned:

Get knowledge:
“What You Stand For” A brief but lively introduction into the most powerful aspect of presentation skills; by John Paval of ICS Sverige:

Meet Mopper:
Easy. Comfortable. Safe. With mopper, you can buy anything, anytime, anywhere direct to your mobile. Introduction by Ruben Flam, CEO of Mopper:


Online Networking


If I didn’t believe in it before, I certainly do now.  I am referring to networking.  That old adage, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” rings true as much now as ever.  Take XING for example.  I have met many interesting, dynamic, and funny people by being a member of OpenBC.  The group forums are filled with intelligent conversations around topics that cover everything from Global Business Women to life before, during and after a MBA.  And while I joined the network while living in Belgium I have connected with people in my hometown of Washington, DC, fellow alums in the USA and Europe, businessmen in Africa, as well as women working and thriving across the globe.  In fact, when I moved to Sweden, some members of OpenBC were the first to reach out to me and make me feel welcome (thanks Bendt!).  Don’t underestimate the power of your personal and professional network.  We are all closer to each other than ever before.