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Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Adrianne George, an advocate for expat voting rights and finding a voice for women of color in Europe. American by birth, and Swedish by marriage.

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She is a business communications consultant and social entrepreneur with international experience in marketing communications both agency and in-house. Her passion is helping small companies reach their business communications goals. Her focus has included the automotive, entertainment, life sciences, and non-profit sectors in Europe and the USA.

2016-2020 Democratic National Committee Member | 2019 Sisterhood of Greatness Award winner | 2012 Maishagalen Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner | Democrats Abroad EMEA Delegate to the 2012 Democratic Convention | Accredited Blogger to the 2012 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions

She lived and worked in the US, England, Belgium, and Sweden with companies including Ford Motor Company, PolyGram Records and the American Chamber of Commerce. She is a multiple award-winning blogger and the 2019 recipient of the Sisterhood Agenda Sisterhood of Greatness Award, and the 2012 recipient of the Maishagalen Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

A dual citizen of Sweden and the USA, She is fluent in English and functional in Swedish.

Democrats Abroad: Black Women in Europe:


New brand –

We have added another website to our family of brands:

@jobsingoteborg was launched in 2011 by the same American expat who launched?*?in 2006. This expat lived in England and Belgium before moving to Sweden and understands how important finding a decent job is to building a new life in a foreign country.

Speaking the language of one?s adopted country is also vital to having a good life, however the need to get to work sometimes takes precedent over attending language classes full time. In today?s world economy English is often the business language of companies with global clients and customers. wants to bring you great jobs now, with the majority of them listed in English and with the requirement of speaking English. is also a source of information about Gothenburg and Sweden including what one needs to know to transition into Sweden as well as build a social and professional network.

* is part of JobsInGothenburg is?NOT?affiliated with




Good news from the advertising world for website owners

This is my first blog post of 2010. I spent the first month of the year in the capital of the United States and while I worked on a client project, I spent the rest of my time basking in the glow of being with my family and old friends. I didn’t want to spend any more time on the computer than absolutely necessary. So I limited myself to work and correspondence with the ones I love in Sweden, and arranging social activities in Washington, DC.

February took me to Lappland and the Ice Hotel and I was on the look out for the Northern Lights and all of the other magic associated with northern Sweden. Again, no motivation to blog during this once in a lifetime (for me) trip.

But today I read an article in Forbes online magazine that predicts an increase in digital advertising spending, and for the first time, that more money will be spent online than in print. Written by Dirk Smillie the headline reads:

Web ads to get a 10% boost in 2010. For the first time advertisers will spend more on digital than print.

We’ve been waiting for this: A study by Outsell, to be released Monday, reveals that U.S. advertisers are spending more this year on digital media than on print. Long predicted, this Madison Avenue milestone has finally arrived thanks to a 9.6% boom in digital advertising in 2010.

That number comes from Outsell’s annual advertising and marketing study, which collected data from 1,008 U.S. advertisers (both consumer and B2B) in December 2009. Of the $368 billion marketers plan to spend this year, 32.5% will go toward digital; 30.3% to print. Digital spending includes e-mail, video advertising, display ads and search marketing. “It’s a watershed moment,” says the study’s lead author, Outsell vice president Chuck Richard.

Read the full article on

I, like every other website owner, welcome this news. Particularly since I am focusing on leveraging the wide reach of the AG Communications Group (AGCG) Advertising Network. The AGCG Advertising Network includes 8 websites that focus on black women, and expatriates. Specifically these websites focus on black women in Europe, women of the African Diaspora, black expatriates and expatriates in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden.

Niche is in, especially when spending money on advertising. Advertisers want to be sure that they are getting their message out in front of the right people.




Typically, ippi? provides traveling professionals and their families with an easy way of using mobile messaging services in order to stay in touch, and enjoy the enhanced user experience together on the TV. Whenever a member of the family is away from home, ippi? is a fun and efficient means of communication. It is ideal for parents who, though pressed for time, care greatly about their children, youths and their aging parents.



rebtel.jpg?? CALL 1.3 Billion people for free from your mobile?

Where’s the catch?

The catch is that to make it free, we need both you and your friend to make local calls. We?ll then connect those two calls for you.

Put it this way; if you?re prepared to change the way you make international calls, we?re prepared to make them free.

And by the way, each time you call a new friend with Rebtel we give you one minute of international calling to explain to them how to make the call free.

To make a free call?

  • Call your friend on their Rebtel number (which we send you by SMS when you sign up.)
  • When they answer, ask them to look at the number displayed on their phone screen. Tell them to hang up, and call you straight back on that number.
  • Now for the weird bit. Don?t hang up when they do, but stay on the line.
  • A couple of seconds later, they?ll join you back on the call.

That?s all there is to it. Your international call is now free. Your operator may charge you for a local call, but if you have inclusive minutes with your mobile account, they won?t.?

To make a cheap call

If you are calling outside the Rebtel community, or if you don?t want to make a call back, then you can just call for cheap. Our rates start at 2 cents per minute.

Share reinvents the expat job search launched on 1 April 2006 in?Copenhagen building a community for English-speaking expatriates seeking high-level?jobs, targeting an exciting niche market. No longer would one read through an exciting job opportunity in English, only to get to the bottom and learn the position requires the native language.? As an American expatriate who had lived in Brussels, and recently moved to Sweden, I knew first hand how sorely this service was needed.? The site was?a success, reaching thousands of interested people in a few months, proving was popular with Danish and other professionals capable of, and wanting to join a company that uses English as the working language.?? The founders of JobsinCopenhagen decided to expand to other cities with large expatriate populations including Brussels Stockholm and Rome.?? This is where I joined the team seven months later as founder of

The JobsinHubs sites are thoughtfully designed to improve job seekers’ online experience by providing them with tools to prepare them for recruitment process.? Our Web 2.0 features enable the user to:

1.????? check the background and history of the company on Wikipedia

2.????? read the latest blog entries about the company on Technorati

3.????? check who?on LinkedIN is working in this company and could help you

4.????? view a dynamic map where the job is located

5.????? bookmark the job ad on Del.ici.ous

6.????? find similar jobs

7.????? save the jobs in your favorites

8.????? subscribe to an RSS feed

The site also acts as a survival kit, providing links to information one needs to get settled in Sweden, making a one-stop shop for expatriates in Stockholm and the rest of Sweden.? We plan to continue creating useful functionalities to facilitate and improve the job hunt. ?