2012 Power List: The award-winning Black Women in Europe? blog releases a third ?list of our own? most powerful black women in Europe

Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2012 ? A List of Our Own?

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN/ The Black Women in Europe? blog, created in 2006 by Adrianne George, released its third Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2012 that pays tribute to 11 women in the categories of Law, Entertainment, Media, Politics & Activism, The Arts, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy.

?For the third year in a row the Black Women in Europe?: Power List continues to shine a light on amazing women doing amazing things?, George explains. ?It fills me with joy to be able to share their achievements with the world?.

In 2010 the Black Women in Europe? Blog released its first Power List naming 58 women across Europe in 6 categories. The 2011 list named 35 women in 9 categories.

The list, presented in alphabetical order, is intended to acknowledge powerful black women in Europe and to inspire others to reach their full potential. The list does not aim to assess rank but rather to showcase influential women who, in some cases well known and in others, are up and coming stars.
The 2012 List editor is Adrianne George. The logo and slide show were designed by Mark Derek McCullough of Cuedos Design.

View the complete list:
Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2012 ? A List of Our Own? –
View the list on video: http://bit.ly/2012PowerListVideo
View the list on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/ageorgegal/black-women-in-europe-power-list-2012-a-list-of-our-own
View the list on Sribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/113065759/BWIE-Powerlist-2012
View the list on myBrainshark: http://my.brainshark.com/Black-Women-in-Europe-Power-List-2012-A-List-of-Our-Own-479073149

Black Women in Europe? Blog
Black Women in Europe? Blog is an award-winning blog founded in 2006 by Adrianne George. It celebrates the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. To learn more about the Black Women in Europe? Blog visit us at: http://blog.blackwomenineurope.com.


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