With less than 2 weeks to the Midterms AmCham Sweden looks ahead

People are nervous.


So AmCham Sweden put together a brown bag lunch.


They invited Pew Research.


And the best pollster in Sweden to compare how polling works here.


And I was invited to speak on a panel about the midterms and transatlantic trade.

Photo: Jonas Lind

I represented the Democrats because I am a DNC Member.

Photo: Jonas Lind

Other panelists were a former Republican and head of Public Affairs at a big firm in Stockholm and a lobbyist from Capitol Hill. The moderator is a foreign correspondent with TT.

Photo: Jonas Lind
Photo: Jonas Lind
Photo: Jonas Lind

It was the first time I was presented with flowers which is a Swedish tradition. The last time I spoke was at a Democrats Abroad event in Gothenburg and I was given a t-shirt I wanted. The first time I spoke at a Democrats Abroad event in Gothenburg I was given a party mascot. Both were perfect for me. I am embracing the Swedish and appreciating the American ways of doing things.

Photo: Jonas Lind
Photo: Jonas Lind

And always the best thing about attending AmCham Sweden events is the opportunity to network, network, network. Regardless of the 2018 US Midterm election results AmCham Sweden will be here to ensure that cooperation among US and Swedish businesses will thrive.

Photo: Jonas Lind

We Are Part Of The 2012 Democrats Abroad Delegation to the DNC Convention in Charlotte

At the recent Global Convention Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Democrats Abroad announced that President Barack Obama had won the organization?s Global Primary. The Democrats Abroad Global Primary was conducted May 1-6, 2012 at more than 90 voting centers in 33 countries.

“There was an overwhelming show of support for President Obama and his many accomplishments, including putting Americans back to work, reforming Wall Street and protecting consumers, making college more affordable, ending the War in Iraq, repealing ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell,? and delivering affordable health care,? said Kenneth E. Sherman, International Chair of Democrats Abroad in Canada. ?As Americans living abroad, we?ve also seen first-hand the gains President Obama has made repairing the U.S. image overseas.?

The election results also determined the 17 delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention along with 8 DNC members September 3-7, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Convention delegation was elected in a combination of both the May 1-6 voting center elections and elections at the May 18-20 Democrats Abroad Global Convention which were held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Democrats Abroad especially thanks the 160 members who stood for election as delegates in the multiple elections.

2012 Democrats Abroad Delegation to the DNC Convention in Charlotte

Regional Delegates

Roberta (Dee Dee) Camhi (DA-Mexico)
Tim Whiting (DA-Mexico)
Sandra Loridans (DA-Mexico)

Alexander Montgomery (DA-Hong Kong)

Kathleen Burnett (DA-Germany)
John Morris (DA-France)
Martha McDevitt-Pugh (DA-Netherlands)
Robert Vallier (DA-France)
Adrianne George (DA-Sweden)
Zachery Miller (DA-France)
Stephanie Stewart (DA-UK)

PLEO (party leaders and elected officials):
John Chudy (DA-Gautemala)

Global-Large Delegates
Maria Dolores (Lola) Quintella (Peru)
Gil Carbajal (DA-Spain)
Adrienne Jones (DA-Canada)

Alternate Delegate
Sebron Toney (DA-Afghanistan)

Ken Sherman (DA-Canada), ex-officio
Vicki Hansen (DA-Luxembourg), ex-officio
Lauren Shannon (DA-Japan)
Stanley Grossman (DA-UK)
Caitlin Kraft Buhman (DA-Switzerland)
Leo Perez Minaya (DA-Dominicon Republic)
Theresa Morelli (DA-Italy)
Joe Smallhoover (DA-France)

Standing Committee
Chistine Marques (DA-Switzerland) – Rules Committee
Louis Hureston (DA-South Africa) ? Credentials Committee
Dean Jannone (DA-Spain) ? Platform Committee

Mara Elizabeth Larson Richard

Register to vote and/or get your absentee ballot now.

The U.S. Presidential Election will take place on November 6, 2012. Deadlines for requesting overseas absentee ballots vary per state. To vote in the U.S. Presidential Election in November, overseas voters must request a ballot from local voting authorities in the place where they or their family last resided in the U.S.

Voters can register now at www.VoteFromAbroad.org

Kenneth E Sherman,
International Chair


From Sweden to Brussels to Denver?


I am heading to the Democrats Abroad (DA) Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Caucus today in Brussels.

Among other issues 4 Obama delegates will be chosen who will attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August.? Additional delegtes will be chosen at other DA caucuses.

The Obama campaign has approved my application to be a delegate.? Now I have to convince my peers to send me.? Tomorrow I will have between 1-2? minutes to say why I should go to Denver.

Can I go to Denver?? Yes I Can!

Stay tuned.