2020 Power List: Black Women in Europe©; blog releases 11th “list of our own”

Power List 2020

The Black Women in Europe™ blog, created in 2006 by Adrianne George, released its 11th Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2020  – A List of Our Own©. This 11th  year we feature 9, and give special recognition to 11 women who provided 14 workshops and performances in our Let’s Do Us! Series to mitigate pandemic lockdown anxiety. The awardees are in the following categories: Activism, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Fashion,  Media, and STEM.

2020 has been anything but normal, George concedes.But black women across Europe continued to do amazing things, including coming together to help each other deal with the repercussions of a global pandemic in our Let’s Do Us! Workshop series”.

In 2010 the Black Women in Europe™ Blog released its first Power List naming 58 women across Europe in 6 categories. Over the last 11 years, a total of 182 women have been included on the Black Women in Europe™: Power List  – A List of Our Own©. It was the first and remains the only one of its kind that celebrates the achievement of black women across Europe. This year marks the first time that two women have been named in two different years.

The previous lists combined have received well over 341,384 views on Slideshare and are presented in alphabetical order. They are intended to acknowledge powerful black women in Europe and to inspire others to reach their full potential. The lists do not aim to assess rank but rather to showcase influential women who, in some cases are well known and in others, are women who should be known.

This is the 7th year the list contains a call to action to join the Black Women in Europe™ Kiva Lending Team. It is the 5th year that the Power List is dedicated to Derek McCullough, former List creative director, who died in 2015.


5 digital marketing predictions for a post-pandemic economic recovery

Think with Google

Written by Carolyn Scott, Miguel Avalos/September 2020

COVID-19 has severely impacted businesses and the economy. Throughout the crisis many companies responded to accelerated digital adoption and changing consumer needs with short-term solutions. As the shift to digital is here to stay, now is the time to assess what this means for the remainder of this year — and into 2021. Digital tools have been a lifeline during lockdown and they will be a catalyst for the comeback. But what else will be key during this time? We have five predictions for this post-pandemic economic recovery to help you focus your strategic efforts and drive renewed growth for your business.

1. Digital transformation will be key to accelerate economic recovery and business growth

Cam St

With 2021 bringing no clear endpoint to uncertainty, businesses will need to shift their focus from short-term solutions to long-term digital transformation. Consumer behaviour is already predicted to have permanently shifted more in favour of online shopping, making customer journeys more virtual whilst consumer needs and interests evolve quickly.

Capturing this changing demand requires organisations to fundamentally rethink their business models; structuring for agility, upgrading technical capabilities, and prioritising data-driven decisions. Smarter automation and measurement can be especially useful tools to capture fluctuating demand and gain higher value from your marketing spend. Digitally mature companies can gain an edge in building long-term customer relationships by using first-party data strategies based on the transparent value exchange framework. By structuring teams to be alert and responsive to changing consumer needs, it can be possible to stay competitive in these dynamic times.

The global acceleration of digital adoption has only heightened the need for digital marketing maturity. Businesses that use this moment as a catalyst for digital marketing transformation, will not only be more agile in responding to markets today, but will have a more sustainable framework for the future.

2. Increased e-commerce adoption drives greater need for an evolution of multichannel

TH image

With the world turned on its head, it’s easy to overlook the purpose and potential of the in-store experience in driving your recovery. Overcrowded, messy, and disorganised stores are typical pain points for offline shoppers. The pandemic poses the additional challenge of limited store visitors, long queues, and health risks. It has also fueled a rapid digitisation over the past few months, with offline transactions shifting to online.

However, there is more to the story. Shoppers are now navigating between channels more than ever before, combining offline and online interactions within single purchases, with the expectation of a seamless customer journey. This means that the physical shopping experience can and will remain crucial. The offline shopper has fundamental demands, they are driven by immediate need and the hands-on, physical experience.

The retailers of tomorrow will need to reimagine the in-store experience, creating a comfortable and safe environment, transforming physical stores into engaging multichannel showrooms that prioritise what customers value most. Deciding factors include flexible click-and-collect pick-up options as well as a variety of payment methods, such as contactless mobile payments, self checkouts, and paying online.1 The Grow My Store tool can help you assess your retail site based on these factors so you can provide what shoppers value the most.

Read the additional 3 tips here.


Adrianne George elected to represent Democrats Abroad at the 2020 Democratic Convention

Dem Convention 2020

10 August 2020


Adrianne George elected to represent Democrats Abroad at the 2020 Democratic “Convention Across America” 

Sweden: Adrianne George was elected to become a member of the Democrats Abroad delegation in her role as a 2016-2020 Democratic National Committee (DNC) Member at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, where she will take part in the process of nominating America’s next President and Vice President. She is an automatic delegate, formerly referred to as a super delegate before the adoption of the Unity Reform Committee’s reforms.

Adrianne lives in Sweden but hails from Washington, DC.

“I’m thrilled & honored to have been chosen to represent democrats abroad at the convention. In 2016, I ran to become a DNC member because I am passionate about helping overseas Americans vote in US elections and part of my pledge when being re-elected for a 2020-2024 term is to be part of the team that helps bring in a record number of American votes from abroad. I look forward to being part of our party’s effort to come together around our shared values, vision, and nominee”.  

Adrianne George

Living abroad gives Adrianne a unique perspective on U.S. politics, and, in particular, the damage done by the Trump presidency to America’s standing and role in the world. She looks forward to representing other American Democrats living outside the country, and to supporting the Democratic nominee, Vice President Joe Biden, in the election this fall.

“Our delegation is very focused, energized, and ready to make a difference. Each member brings their own unique perspective to the table through their experiences in the US and abroad, and I’m delighted to be part of a team with Adrianne, said Julia Bryan, Global Chair of Democrats Abroad,  “Adrianne is a member of the youngest, most diverse, delegation we have ever elected and is an excellent representative and advocate for Democrats Abroad and mobilizing the vote abroad.”

Julia Bryant

The 2020 Democratic National Convention, or “Convention Across America”, will be held entirely online, with many activities and events planned to engage Democrats all over America and the world from August 17th to August 20th. Although the main events will fall within the week of the convention, delegates have already started casting their votes for their presidential candidate.  

About Democrats Abroad: 

Democrats Abroad represents the interests and values of Democratic Americans living abroad. Recognized as a state party by the DNC, and represented at the convention by eight voting members, Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States, striving to provide Americans abroad a Democratic voice in our government and to mobilize the overseas vote. Democrats Abroad has 45 country committees, and our members live in more than 190 countries around the globe, voting in every state and Congressional district in the U.S. For more information: https://www.democratsabroad.org/

About the Democratic National Convention 

Taking place Aug 17-20, 2020 the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be a “Convention Across America” with virtual events and online engagement to engage Americans all over while protecting the health and safety of delegates and the surrounding community. For more information: https://www.demconvention.com/ 


For additional information, contact:
Communications Director Aaron Fishbone at comms@democratsabroad.org


FAWCO announces the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force to help further our collective thinking on racism.


I am proud to be a part of this FAWCO task force.

Adrianne George

Over the next few months, this team’s primary focus will be to draft a new policy which will be presented to our member clubs to help articulate and clarify our aspirations as well as to make concrete recommendations on how we can implement new mechanisms to eliminate the barriers which have kept us from becoming a truly diverse and inclusive organization.

Tonya Teichert (AIWC Frankfurt/Taunus) will chair this Task Force and her team will include Mary Stewart Burgher (AWC Denmark), Bayo Callender (AWC Stockholm), Asma Darwish (AAWE Paris), Sue England (Munich IWC), Jenni Franklin (AWC The Hague), Adrianne George (AWC Malmö), Shweta Gupta (AWC Berlin), Michele Gustavsson (AWC Gothenburg), Kanika Holloway (AWC Antwerp), Meredith Mani (AWC Amsterdam) and Rhonda Staudt (AWC Berlin). As well, FAWCO Human Rights team members are exploring ways they can examine racial and social injustice, and work to create programming to be shared with our clubs. 


Resources for Students and Parents Learning and Teaching from Home, Part 6 of 6: Pandemic Resources for Mindfulness & Yoga


Written by me for FAWCO.

by Adrianne George, AWC Gothenburg, AWC Malmö, AWC Stockholm

Welcome to the 6th (and last!) installment of valuable resources for you to use at home with your children. NEW THIS WEEK we look at life skills for our pandemic world that focus on well being. Looking to REALLY get away? Try out the Bonus Field Trips: Special terrestrial and extraterrestrial experiences!

MindfulnessScreen Shot 2020 06 23 at 1.41.24 PM

For Children

According to Positive Psychology, research confirms that for children, mindfulness can:

  • Mitigate the effects of bullying (Zhou, Liu, Niu, Sun, & Fan, 2016);
  • Enhance focus in children with ADHD (Zhang et al., 2016);
  • Reduce attention problems (Crescentini, Capurso, Furlan, & Fabbro, 2016);
  • Improve mental health and well-being;
  • Improve social skills when well taught and practiced with children and adolescents.

Click HERE for 25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children and Teens.

Mindfulness Videos for Kids

Mindfulness Videos for Adults

  1. Mindfulness for Women
  2. Mindfulness Meditation for Women ‒ Overcome Depression ‒ Improve Self Esteem
  3. Mindfulness for Men
  4. All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe
  5. Mindfulness for Couples ‒ Guided Meditation for You and Your Partner ‒ Reuben UK

Free Mindfulness Resources as a Response to COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to significant changes for many of us across the world. We are having to adapt to challenging circumstances in terms of our work, home life, or financial situation while making sense of moving most of our interactions with others into the online world. Click HERE to access these resources. There are more mindfulness downloads to use in our post-pandemic world HERE.  

Screen Shot 2020 06 23 at 1.49.18 PMYoga

For Children

Kristin Fischer says that with these skills, children can learn to use yoga when they want to calm down and be strong. Remind them to breathe, using only their nose. Inhale and exhale. Feel calm in each pose. She presents 5 Kid-Friendly Animal Poses to Introduce Children to Yoga.

Yoga Games Compendium is a free 15 page PDF download with 24 Yoga games to play with children.

58 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses for Kids (Printable Posters). The Kids Yoga Stories’ characters, Sophia, Luke, Elizabeth, Baraka, Pablo, and Anamika, demonstrate the kids yoga poses, followed by the yoga pose name, possible keywords, and descriptions.

Yoga for Kids: Videos

  1. Yoga For Kids with Alissa Kepas
  2. Yoga Time! | On the Farm ‒ Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes
  3. Yoga For Kids | Play In The Park | Yoga With Adriene
  4. Children’s Yoga Class with Ally Ford
  5. The Sun Dance Kids Yoga/Music Video by Bari Koral Family Rock Band

Yoga for Adults: Videos

  1. 30 min Yoga for Women ‒ Grace, Intuition & Sensuality
  2. Morning Yoga for Women
  3. Yoga for Men | Episode 1
  4. 10 Min Yoga for Men Beginner Routine – Easy Men’s Yoga Workout ‒ Best Yoga Workout for Dudes
  5. Partner Yoga FULL CLASS: 50 minutes to build trust, intimacy, and connection

BONUS Virtual Field Trips: Special Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Experiences 

  • Mars – Explore the surface of Mars in a 360-degree view while learning about the planet and space exploration.
  • Mount Everest – Explore the mountain through 360-degree photos and informative articles.
  • Virtual Rainforest – Learn about the rainforest with this interactive tour that includes informative videos and articles.
  • Son Doong Cave – Explore the world’s largest cave with 360-degree images. 
  • Virtual Trip to the Sun – Take a video-based journey from the Earth from the Sun, stopping at our moon, Venus, and Mercury.
  • Yosemite National Park – Tour the park with interactive panoramic photographs.

**All photos credited to Unsplash


Resources for Students and Parents Learning and Teaching from Home, Part 5 of 6: Sports & Cooking


by Adrianne George, AWC Gothenburg, AWC Malmö

Written by me for FAWCO.

Welcome to the 5th installment of valuable resources for you to use at home with your children. In addition to Sports and Cooking tips, NEW THIS WEEK is the FREE Full Online Homeschool Curriculum Options List from How to Homeschool for Free. Enjoy!

SportsScreen Shot 2020 06 23 at 12.46.39 PM

Indoor Sports Games & Activities for Kids from UNICEF Kid power ‒ Click for additional resources

Balloon Football. Drop a balloon in the middle of a long rectangle table, and have each team try to blow the football toward the other’s side goal. When you finish, watch a fun game of bubble football.

Hula Hoop. Have two kids spinning Hula Hoops and then try to simultaneously move, whether they run, shimmy, or herky-jerky their way to the finish line. Click HERE for more Hula Hoop fun!

Cooking Screen Shot 2020 06 23 at 12.55.17 PM

Visit a pizza parlor and learn how to make your own pizza at home.

Learn how chocolate is made at the Chocolate Factory. Click HERE for kid-friendly at home chocolate making ideas!

Visit a bakery to learn how cupcakes are made. Looking for ideas to make cupcakes at home? Click HERE for delicious ideas!

BONUS: Virtual Field Trips For KindergartenersScreen Shot 2020 06 23 at 2.03.10 PM

**All photos are credited to Unsplash


Resources for Students and Parents Learning and Teaching from Home, Part 4 of 6: Music & Books

https://www.fawco.org/global-issues/education/education-articles/4363-resources-for-students-parents-learning-teaching-from-home-part-4-of-6-music-booksWritten by me for FAWCO

by Adrianne George, AWC Gothenburg, AWC Malmö

Welcome to the 4th installment of valuable resources for you to use at home with your children. NEW THIS WEEK is Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS) for students with special learning needs; complete textbooks in downloadable form (PDF files) for all core subjects are available. These textbooks are written to help students with various learning needs and are presented in an easy-to-understand format. The PDFs are currently found in the search results from the ERIC educational database, so you will need to scroll through the various results to find the books that you need. As a BONUS in this installment, enjoy virtual tours of museums from all over the world!


YouTube Videos

Kids’ Songs to Learn Spanish ‒ Salta Mi Conejito by Alina Celeste ‒ Little Bunny Movement Song

Kids’ Songs ‒ Zoom Zoom Zoom I’m Going to the Moon by Alina Celeste ‒ Learn English

A music lesson | Instruments and musical figures for kids

Music Lesson Compilation for Kids ‒ Solfege, Rhythm, Colors ‒ Prodigies Music Curriculum

Evolution of Music ‒ Pentatonix

Learning Songs | ABCs, Colors, 123s, Growing-up And More! | Preschool Songs | From LittleBabyBum!

Stacey Peasley’s Soapy BubblesRocketship, and Allergies

123 Andrew for videos in Spanish

Kitty ‒ Flor Bromley

Fun with Flor ‒ Kids’ Song: Open Shut Them ‒ Learn Spanish through Music



As long as schools are closed, Audible is offering free streaming of audiobooks through Audible Stories. You can stream to your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Authors Read Books
Storytime with Nikolas Smith

Diane Alber reads A Little Spot Stays Home|

Mac Barnett reads The Skunk

Oprah Winfrey reads Godin’s book, The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen, which is accompanied by a handy teacher’s guide.

Emory Global Health Institute

Emory University’s Global Health Institute commissioned illustrated ebooks about COVID-19 for children and here are the results:
COVID-19 Helpers by Beth Bacon and Kary Lee

Covid-19 Helpers book

Bray Bray Conquers the Coronavirus by Ashley Maxie-Moreman and Joanah Whitely

Big Bray Conquers the Coronavirus

Together: Living Life During COVID-19 by Kevin Poplawski and Michael Rausch

Together (covid book)

We’re Going to Be O.K. by Leigh-Ann Webb, Ebony Jade Hilton and Ashleigh Corrin Webb

We're Going to Be Okay (covid book)

The Yale Child Study Center & Scholastic Collaborative for Child and Family Resilience

First Aid for Feelings: A Workbook to Help Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic is available for free download in EnglishFrench, and Spanish.

How To Talk To Your Child About The Coronavirus

Communicate with your child with these clear, simple guides for different ages, available in English & Spanish.

What To Do When You’re Stressed Too

Use these strategies to reduce your own stress while parenting during the pandemic. Available in English and Spanish.

Family Resource Guide

A curated list of helpful links about the coronavirus for educators, families, and children.

Kid Reporters Ask The Experts About COVID-19

Scholastic’s Kid Reporters get their COVID-19 questions answered by experts from Yale. Download in English and Spanish.

BONUS: Virtual Field Trips ‒ Famous World Museums 


Global Nomad Hacks


Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Adrianne George, an advocate for expat voting rights and finding a voice for women of color in Europe. American by birth, and Swedish by marriage.

Listen now.

She is a business communications consultant and social entrepreneur with international experience in marketing communications both agency and in-house. Her passion is helping small companies reach their business communications goals. Her focus has included the automotive, entertainment, life sciences, and non-profit sectors in Europe and the USA.

2016-2020 Democratic National Committee Member | 2019 Sisterhood of Greatness Award winner | 2012 Maishagalen Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner | Democrats Abroad EMEA Delegate to the 2012 Democratic Convention | Accredited Blogger to the 2012 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions

She lived and worked in the US, England, Belgium, and Sweden with companies including Ford Motor Company, PolyGram Records and the American Chamber of Commerce. She is a multiple award-winning blogger and the 2019 recipient of the Sisterhood Agenda Sisterhood of Greatness Award, and the 2012 recipient of the Maishagalen Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

A dual citizen of Sweden and the USA, She is fluent in English and functional in Swedish.

Democrats Abroad: https://www.democratsabroad.org Black Women in Europe: http://blog.blackwomenineurope.com


Resources for Students and Parents Learning and Teaching from Home, Part 3 of 6: Language & Exercise


Here is an article I wrote for FAWCO containing resources for homeschooling for language and exercise.


Welcome to the third installment of resources for you to use at home with your kids! NEW this week is the Preschool through 12th Grade Curriculum Overview created by Time4Learning. Also, all resources are now listed below for quicker and easier access! This week’s offerings feature resources for language acquisition, exercise and BONUS field trips to US National Parks! 

Language Acquisition Resources

DuolingoDesigned for English speakers, Duolingo is a gamified way to learn 35 languages for free. Fun for kids and adults alike; upgrade to the paid version to eliminate ads.                 

Live LinguaAccess thousands of free e-books, audio recordings and foreign language video materials; available in over 130 different languages.

Open CultureLearn 48 languages online free, including Spanish and Chinese.

Surface LanguagesSurface Languages maintains  a database of free online learning resources and beginner audio courses in Italian, Portuguese, French and Polish.

MIT Open CoursewareSearch the Global Studies and Languages section of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware website for free language and culture courses.


Alison’s free online language courses are designed for students and range from beginning German and Italian to advanced French and English.

The French ExperimentOnline beginner French lessons with audio.

Deutsch-lernen.comBasic German course for beginners.

Spanish Games

Free games to learn Castillian and Central American Spanish.

Learn Mandarin Chinese in 40 online lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, modern vocabulary, grammar, calligraphy, examples and exercises. All texts and dialogs in mp3 format for download.

Easy Japanese

Online flash games and quizzes to learn Japanese.

Arabic Reading Course
Learn the alphabet for free.

Really Learn Portuguese

Free tool to help you learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Exercise Resources

The city of Washington, DC provides live workouts for kids, and this recording is led by a member of the city’s professional soccer team, DC United.

11 Fun Exercise Routines For Kids At Home ‒ Get Fit, Get Active!

Exercises and physical activity for kids at home.

Family Fun Cardio Workout

FitSugar cardio moves that feel like games and challenges where the winner gets prizes.

9 Min Exercise For Kids ‒ Home WorkoutSimple, quick moves for kids to help them build their muscles, strengthen their bones, improve flexibility and burn calories.

Kids Workout / Super Mario Workout (ages 3‒10)

This 15-min kids’ workout is a fun and creative kids’ exercise video or a family workout you can do together. Great for building strength, endurance and balance.

Level Up! (Video Game Workout for Kids)

Four fun levels in this workout! Follow along and make it through the obstacles to advance to the next level of fitness! ENJOY!!!

Sesame Street: Grover’s Workout Video

Exercise with Elmo and some of his friends.

Kids workout 1 Beginners

15-minute workout. Teach a child how to get in shape with exercises. Maurice takes you through a beginning workout for kids of all ages, even teens and adults.

Workout for Children

Children’s exercise workout at home with coloring book characters.

Zumba Kids (easy dance) ‒ I like to move it

Kids aged from 5 to 9 rock together with this super easy dance.

Challenge Dance Workout for Kids

Maricopa County Public Health partnered with the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and Univision Arizona to produce a fun, easy-to-follow dance workout video for schools.

Fortnite Fitness Hip-Hop Dance Workout for Kids

This is a very simple fitness activity to warm up the students in elementary physical education class.


This workout is the next installment in THE AVENGERS TRAINING ACADEMY. You get the chance to train just like one of THE AVENGERS. Just click play and follow along with THE BLACK PANTHER and get yourself ready to help save the universe.

BONUS: Virtual Field Trips to US National Parks

stephen walker mhqoyciC5I0 unsplash