The Future of eCommerce and Social Media

eCommerce and Social Media

Dane O?Leary

Like a digital Big Bang, the Internet exploded in the 1990s, becoming a mainstream commodity that connected us with people, services, products, and companies we might never have known about otherwise. With the subsequent advent of eCommerce and social media, there have been countless purchases made and cyber-friendships to have blossomed, made possible by the digital landscape of the World Wide Web.

There?s no denying that online shopping and social networks are poised to usurp the brick-and-mortar retail and face-to-face social interactions that were mainstays of yesteryear. In fact, eCommerce mega-giant Amazon and social maven Facebook will turn 25 and 15 years old, respectively, at some point in the next year. Will we be seeing such iconic brands maintaining the ubiquity cultivated over two decades, or will there be significant evolution in the worlds of eCommerce and social media between now and the not-too-distant future?

Where is eCommerce headed?

It used to be that we made our purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. When we needed to buy something ? whether groceries, clothes, or a birthday gift ? we had to get in the car, drive to a retail store, shop for whatever item we needed, buy the item, and return home. Remember that?

If your answer is ?No,? you?re not alone. There?s a growing population of individuals who came of age after the digital Big Bang, meaning that eCommerce (i.e., shopping online) was already well-established by the time they were old enough to make their own purchases. So rather than transitioning from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce retail, these younger generations have always been able to buy things from the comfort of their own homes, or even when they?re on-the-go by using their smartphones.

There?s no discussing the world of eCommerce without mentioning Amazon, which dominates with an estimated 41 percent of the eCommerce marketing. In just the next few years, Amazon is poised to account for over half of all web-based retail.

But there?s another reason why Amazon is significant.

Having started in 1994 as an online book retailer, Amazon evolved. Over its 25-year tenure, the retail has grown to become the biggest online general retailer, offering a diverse array of products and brands. So a large part of Amazon?s success has been due to the fact that the retail offers virtually every type of product and even a diverse selection of services, including cloud storage, eBook publishing, streaming media, and the list goes on and on.

So as we attempt to gaze into our crystal ball to see what lies ahead for the world of eCommerce, perhaps Amazon?s evolution and growth can serve as a guide.

As mentioned above, Amazon was able to dominate the market by diversifying its catalog of products and services, so we could start seeing similar diversification among other players in the eCommerce space. Or from the perspective of a consumer, we could see consolidation as products, services, and even other established brands are folded into other companies. Ultimately, this would turn numerous transactions into one larger, more convenient transaction.

Of course, even with eCommerce being a driving force for retail at large, there?s are still some hurdles to jump, and one hurdle is particularly important: customer experience.

Sure, online shopping is more convenient, but you don?t get the kind of personalized experience that you might get when shopping in an actual, physical retail store. In many ways, the convenience of online shopping comes at a significant reduction in overall experience. But it seems like some there might already be a solution to this problem.

Social media: The ?secret sauce? of eCommerce?

We?re already seeing countless industries ? particularly those that are centered around digital products and services ? turning to social media for things like marketing and building brand awareness. But as we move into the future, social media could have an increasingly prominent role in eCommerce, too.

When someone buys a product online, receives the product, and is extremely happy with that product, what is he or she likely to do next? If you said ?Review the product,? you?d be correct.

Peer reviews have become a major driver of consumer interest and sales. We?ve all done it: Before making a purchase, you do a web search for reviews of that product to see what people are saying about it and to make sure past buyers haven?t had bad experiences before investing your own cash.

Social media is more and more a forum for sharing thoughts, experiences, and overall impressions of products and services. In fact, many retail leaders have already recognized how social media can drive sales and use the analytics from social media when crafting their marketing campaigns.

So in the future, we?re likely to continue to see social media playing a pivotal role in eCommerce. We might even reach the point of being able to make our online purchases right from the social posts that feature the desired products and services. This is something that might be coming down the pipeline sooner rather than later, especially as the eCommerce giants aim to make it easier for people to quickly buy the products and services they?re seeing on social media.


Dane O?Leary is a writer, tech journalist and regular contributor to TrustRadius where he shares his knowledge on the latest trends in B2B news and technologies. He has written editorials, articles, and blog posts for some of the most popular publications on the web, including Android Authority, Phone Arena,, and Millennial Magazine while also publishing regularly on his own website.



By country – The Most Valuable Brands of 2018

What is Brand Value? According to Seth Godin,??A brand?s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.?

Here is a graphic of the Top Global Brands courtesy of

brand value

Still not sure what brand value is???David Brier?suggests you ask these questions. Feel free to switch out the name of a brand, destination, athlete or retailer to one for which you have a passion:

  • What made the iPhone so valuable in the eyes of consumers?
  • What makes a Porsche or a Tesla so revered with avid fans?
  • What makes Disney Theme Parks timelessly enduring?
  • What made the iPad a must-have?
  • What made Michael Jordan such a valuable basketball player?
  • What makes Nordstroms’ customer service so legendary?
  • What makes certain food items insatiably desirable?
  • Or certain restaurants? Or chefs?
  • Or certain shopping destinations?
  • Or certain hotels, venues and cities?
  • Or certain actors of artists?

Are you starting to understand brand value and how elusive it is? And just to drive it home David Brier give this analogy.

To appreciate this fully, what if you or I had the ability to generate as much money as wanted. (I?m talking totally legal! Just imagine as an exercise in magic as in “Poof! A pile of cash!”) Or being able to cook the most amazing meals like Bobby Flay? Or be able to dunk like Jordan?

Instantly, these things and people (money, cooking, dunking the basketball) would become less valuable?because they were readily available.


Best way to debut in Stockholm after a 4 year absence?

Multi-Chamber Seminar & Mingle

Multi-Chamber Seminar & Mingle

Attending the AmCham Sweden, Chamber Trade Sweden, the French-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in-depth discussion on current free trade practices, of course.

Multi Chamber Mingle
Representatives from Chamber Trade Sweden, British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, French-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and AmCham Sweden
Multi-Chamber Seminar & Mingle
Discussion moderator David Landes

The lively panel discussion was moderated by David Landes. David Landes is Head of Commercial Content at The Local Europe, a Stockholm-based network of English-language news sites. He joined The Local in 2008, serving as editor of The Local Sweden from 2010 to 2014. Prior to joining The Local, he worked in commercial and public diplomacy at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm and the Meridian International Center in Washington, DC.

Multi-chamber Seminar & Mingle
Johan Norberg

The seminar opened with Johan Norberg defending trade by saying it is because of global trade that 9% of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty which is less than 1.25 billion people. That is a decrease of 1/2 over the last 25 years.?Johan Norberg?is an author, lecturer and documentary filmmaker. He lectures about entrepreneurship, global trends, and globalization around the world. Johan has received several prestigious awards and is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C. and the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels. His most recent book, the celebrated Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future (2016) was chosen as the Book of the Year by The Economist, Guardian, and Observer.?

Multi-chamber seminar & mingle
Patricia Kempff

Bringing in the perspective of a global company with Swedish and Swiss roots, Patricia Kempff is head of Public Affairs at ABB Sweden where she is supporting business interests to implement the company?s strategy towards key stakeholders in the public sphere. Patricia has a broad network within the Swedish public opinion and socioeconomic communities. She previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Public Affairs at Swedbank with responsibility for community engagement and community relations. Patricia has also worked for government agencies and within non-profit organizations.

Multi-chamber seminar & mingle
Tanja Rasmusson

Tanja Rasmusson?is the Director of the WTO (World Trade Organization)?Department at the National Board of Trade in Sweden.?Tanja previously served in the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she was State Secretary working alongside the Minister of Development, Hillevi Engstr?m. As State Secretary, Tanja was responsible for implementing government aid policy and coordinating it with trade and foreign policy. ?She shed insight on what nations want.

Multi-chamber seminar & mingle

I was definitely back in Stockholm where the panel was gender balanced and the participants were cool, poised and stylish.

Multi-chamber seminar & mingle

The seminar,?held at United Spaces, was fully booked.


Are you fascinated with the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Internet of Things” ? or IoT ? at some point, but you might also be scratching your head figuring out what it is or what it means.

The IoT refers to the connection of devices (other than typical fare such as computers and smartphones) to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors can all be connected through the IoT. And as the Internet of Things grows in the next few years, more devices will join that list.

Internet of Things

Terms and Basic Definitions

Internet of Things: A network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.
Internet of Things device: Any stand-alone internet-connected device that can be monitored and/or controlled from a remote location.
Internet of Things ecosystem: All the components that enable businesses, governments, and consumers to connect to their IoT devices, including remotes, dashboards, networks, gateways, analytics, data storage, and security.

Read more at Business Insider.


Get ready for International Women’s Day 2017

AG Communications Group is a woman-owned consultancy able to bring unique insights to your writing, social media and WordPress website needs.

Here are just a few of the global events on off the beaten paths locations ion Europe you can attend to celebrate International Women’s Day 2017.

International Women's Day 2017

Une inauguration d’exposition qui f?d?re les talents de nombreuses femmes!
Ici Est l’Art est un acteur culturel tr?s actif sur le plan local. En s?lectionnant des artistes plasticiens de grande qualit?, Ici Est L’Art valorise le cadre de travail des salari?s en entreprises, institutions publiques ou bureaux de professions lib?rales.

International Women's Day 2017


When body image activist Taryn Brumfitt posted an unconventional before-and-after photograph in 2013, it was seen by more than 100 million worldwide and sparked an international media frenzy. In her forceful debut, Brumfitt continues her crusade exploring the global issue of body loathing. She travels the world to interview an impressive range of women about their attitudes to their bodies, including: Mia Freedman, the youngest ever editor of the Australian edition of Cosmopolitan; Adelaide researcher Professor Marika Tiggemann; UK talk show host/photographer Amanda de Cadenet; body image blogger Jess Baker (a.k.a. The Militant Baker); and motivational speaker Turia Pitt.

NOT off the beaten path…

International Women's Day 2017

We at Stadswild feel very strongly about equal rights for all. The rights for women to vote, education and be independent are rights very hard fought for. Let’s honour the brave women of previous generations who were bold for change!

International Women's Day 2017

Ever feel like being ?one of the guys? isn’t exactly you?re favorite thing, especially when you?re skiing? As women, we know that there is just about no better ski day than one spent in good company with great ladies looking to get the same things out of the mountain. That’s why we would like to invite you to celebrate International Women?s day here in Andermatt and join our top female instructors of Alpine Sports Andermatt on the mountain.

Find and event near you.

International Women's Day 2017

And here is something you can do every day. Click on the Breast Cancer site to fund a free mammogram.


Black Women in Europe Blog? Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making

Multi-award winning blog releases book to celebrate anniversary.

Black Women in Europe Blog? Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making
Black Women in Europe Blog? Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making

WATCHFIELD, EnglandJan. 10, 2017PRLog — In 2006 a blog was launched to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. 10 years and several awards later, a book was created and dedicated to them.

Adrianne George, founder of the Black Women in Europe? Blog, started the blog after moving to Sweden from Belgium. Originally from Washington, DC she sought a way to connect with like-minded black women across Europe. The blog spawned a social network, Linkedin group, Facebook groups, YouTube Channel and more.

“You will meet 11 Sheroes I have encountered over the past 10 years”, Adrianne George says. “Many of them have gifts for you contained within. They all have unique stories and talents to share”.

The Kindle book also contains quotes from women in the exclusive social network, the Black Women in Europe?: Power List ? A List of Our Own? started in 2010, and introduces readers to two men who have supported this blog from 2006.

The book is exclusively available on all of Amazon’s websites including Search via ASIN: B01MT0CPE0.

AG Communications Group

2016 Power List: Black Women in Europe? blog releases 7th ?list of our own?

Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2016 ? A List of Our Own?

OXFORDSHIRE, U.K.November 28, 2016 — The Black Women in Europe? blog, created in 2006 by Adrianne George, released its 7th Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2016 – A List of Our Own? that pays tribute to 5 women in the categories of Arts, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Politics.

?It is the 10th Anniversary of the Black Women in Europe? Blog and our 7th Power List?, George beams. ?The fact that the awardees continue to represent such a diverse pool of talent is indeed extraordinary?.

In 2010 the Black Women in Europe? Blog released its first Power List naming 58 women across Europe in 6 categories. As in 2014 the 2015 list is scaled down to five to celebrate the sixth year of the list, the only one of its kind that celebrates the achievement of black women in Europe. The list, presented in alphabetical order, is intended to acknowledge powerful black women in Europe and to inspire others to reach their full potential.

The list does not aim to assess rank but rather to showcase influential women who, in some cases are well known and in others, are women who should be known. Since 2010 the list editor has been Adrianne George, with Mark Derek McCullough of Cuedos Design. This Power List is dedicated to McCullough who died this year. Julia Bryan, Managing Director of Vero Partners, provided the graphic design support.

View the complete list: Black Women in Europe?: Power List 2016 ? A List of Our Own?

View the list on video:

View the list on SlideShare: